Eyewear Prescriptions

If you feel you may need prescription glasses for the first time, you will need a full eye examination to determine the current condition of your eyes. This will allow the optometrist to provide a suitable prescription for your eyewear.

For those who already wear prescription eye glasses or contact lenses, an optometrist appointment is still ideal. We will determine if there have been any changes to your eyes since your last set of glasses or contacts. You may not have noticed gradual changes to your eyes happening over an extended time. An increase in your eyewear prescription may provide an immediate improvement to your eyesight.

Maximeyes Optometrist can fill your eyewear prescriptions, whether for eye glasses or contact lenses. Our prescription glasses are available in a wide selection of fashionable frame types and styles. Visit in-store to try on our glasses frames and see which style suits you the best. Our experienced staff are here to help.

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