Other Eye Conditions

There are numerous other eye conditions and risk factors worthwhile being aware of. Of course, booking in for a regular eye test will help identify any issues as early as possible. We can then start you on any available process of treatment or management.

Lazy eye

Lazy eye is a commonly used terms for two different eye conditions.

Amblyopia is when one or both eyes do not work as well as they should despite the eye being healthy.

Strabismus is when the eyes point in different directions. Strabismus often results in amblyopia.

There are a range of specialty treatments we offer for kids and adults to improve how your eyes work together. These include the use of virtual reality visual training.


Diabetes can affect the small blood vessels of the body. These include those in the fingers and toes, kidneys, and eyes. As such, those with diabetes have an increased risk of ocular disease.

It is important that those at risk or who suffer diabetes be on the lookout for early diabetic complications in the eye. You should have a dilated examination so your retina can be carefully scanned for any signs of diabetic retinopathy.

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