Myopia Control

Myopia is a common vision problem where things far away are blurry but things close to you are clear. It can be caused by the cornea (front of the eye) bending light incorrectly, or the eyeball stretching and growing too much. The concern with myopia is that it often continues to worsen over time as the eyeball continues to elongate. This in turn causes an increased risk of serious eye diseases as the years go by.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified an alarming increase in the occurrence of myopia, mostly in children. The most common symptom of short-sightedness is blurry vision or loss of sharpness for distance viewing. The distance at which blurry vision occurs depends upon the severity. Acute myopia can make a book or computer screen unreadable, or cause blurred vision even closer than that.

Myopia (Short Sightedness)

Whether young or old, it is important to seek proper and early treatment for short-sightedness. This is not only to improve your vision now but also to minimise the worsening of the condition over time. Additionally, untreated myopia is often linked with the worsening of general eye health over time.

Myopia Treatment

Fortunately, there are several ways of treating myopia. These are aimed at reducing the risk of the onset of short-sightedness, and also of controlling the progression of vision loss once it has set in.

The four main types of myopia control are:

If you are concerned about blurry vision or any other symptoms, book in for an eye sight test as soon as possible. If myopia is diagnosed, we can help you to understand which treatment methods are most suited for you. Similarly, if your child is experiencing any issues with their eyesight, book them in for one of our special children’s eye checkups. Even if your child does not experience any specific symptoms it is worthwhile doing an eye exam to check on development and general eye health. This is, in many ways, similar to a general health checkup with your GP, but for your eyes.

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