Max Hits the USA to Visit the ‘Vision by Design’ Optometry Conference in Orlando

World Leading Optometry Conference Focusing on Myopia for 2021

After 10 years of planning and coordinating his schedule, our lead optometrist Dr Max Humphries finally got to a Vision By Design conference. This year, 2021, it was in Orlando, Florida and it did not disappoint!

The primary theme for the conference was myopia control. The material was aimed at myopia control in general, rather than just the specific use of Ortho-K (OK), to slow progression. Myopia is the largest eye health problem facing the world today, considering the unprecedented worldwide increase over recent years; beyond an epidemic! Given this, the subject material for the conference was particularly appropriate.

Max heard the latest and the best orthokeratology (Ortho-K or even just “OK”) techniques. Other subject matter included the use of binocular vision training, and the use of low-dose Atropine to control myopia. There were also plenty of workshops covering many aspects of specialty contact lenses. These included post-laser eye surgery, post graft, and Keratoconus (a very serious disease of the cornea).

Max is looking forward to applying this new information to benefit our patients.

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