Annually, unless specified otherwise.

We recommend all children have a comprehensive eye check prior to starting school. However, there is no harm in bringing your child or baby in for a screening at any time, especially if there are any risk factors/family history or if they have any difficulties or discomfort.

All children under 18 are bulk billed for their consultations.

Standard consultations including retinal photos are $100, from which you will receive a Medicare rebate.
Should you need any further tests these will be discussed with you.

To find out exactly your eligibility or rebate please contact us.

All first time patients are recommended a dilated ocular assessment to establish a baseline for your eye health.

This refers to a test done using special eyedrops which open the pupils and allow a more thorough check of your eye health status.

Appointment times depend on the tests needed. Children are usually 30 minutes.

We recommend allowing one hour for appointments for adults, however should you need an ocular dilation assessment, give yourself another hour before driving.

Health Insurance

We’re registered with all major Australian health funds for your optical rebate which includes prescription contact lenses, prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.

If the information you require is not available here please feel free to contact us directly.

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