Glaucoma is a common eye disease which affects the optic nerve that takes information from the eye to the brain. Over time, glaucoma causes the optic nerve to slowly atrophy and eventually die. If left untreated, this can result in irreversible blindness.

Regular eye tests improve the chances of detection and the start of early treatment. This lowers the chance of permanent damage to your eyesight or further vision loss.

Who is at risk?

The causes of glaucoma are not currently fully understood. Maximeyes Optometrists, however, keep up-to-date with the ongoing research in this field. What is well known are the risk factors for glaucoma. You are at higher risk of developing glaucoma if you:

There is also a known genetic component to glaucoma. If someone in your family has it, there is a higher risk of you developing it as well.

Symptoms of glaucoma

In the early stages of glaucoma there are often little or no signs or symptoms of the disease. Your vision can be good, and there is no pain or discomfort. This often causes difficulties with recognising the disease, especially if you are self-diagnosing.

The only suitable method to detect early signs of glaucoma is to have a full eye sight test, including automated visual fields. Book in for your eye test now, especially if you know someone else in your family has suffered from this disease.

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