Eye Test & Diagnosis

Customer consultation after eye exam.

Getting an Eye Check

As well as checking your vision for glasses, a comprehensive eye exam and assessment should include a pupil dilation test to fully examine the health of your eyes.  Even if your vision is fine, there are a number of life threatening and sight threatening diseases that can be identified by such an examination.

Since many eye problems don’t have obvious symptoms in their early stages, it is important to conduct routine eye tests which can offer early diagnosis and treatment.  It left untreated vision loss can be irreversible. For these reasons and to avoid long periods between eye exams, our patients often find it is simplest to book an annual visit.

Many serious eye conditions have no symptoms until they are quite advanced. And whilst you may find your eye exam ends up being uneventful, regular checks allow your optometrist to monitor changes to your eyes over time. This can mean that issues are diagnosed sooner and treatment provided as early as possible.

Start getting your eyes checked regularly – book an appointment with one of our optometrists now.

If you notice any eye or vision symptoms it is important to seek an immediate appointment for an eye exam.

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