Contact Lenses, Marilyn Monroe, and Ronald Reagan – What is the Link?

Why are Marilyn Munroe and Ronald Regan Linked by Contact Lenses.

Professor Minas Coroneo AO, Department of Ophthalmology, Prince of Wales Hospital, recently published an article in the peer-reviewed journal The Ocular Surface. Together with two other authors, he explored the early history of coloured contact lenses during the 1940s.

Most optometrists, including myself, thought that coloured contacts were a recent development. But the freedom from spectacle wear and the reduction in glare from harsh lighting used on set made tinted of contact lenses popular with movie stars of this era.

Moviemaking and Good Eyesight

Ronald Regan may never have succeeded in the movies if he hadn’t been able to accept parts that required good vision but not glasses. However good of an actor you believe him to be, he did go on to lead the free world as president of the USA. Without his break into movies, it’s unlikely this would have occurred.

As for Marilyn Munroe….well the article by Prof Minus Coroneo et al is titled, ”Was Marilyn Monroe myopic and an early adopter of coloured contact lenses?”

Monroe’s bright, shiny eyes created an association of this aesthetic with youth and attractiveness.

Although the blue colour may have been created by coloured contacts, it is possible that she used special eye drops to create the bright whites of her eyes. Off-screen she probably suffered from constant eye redness and irritation from overwear of contacts which robbed her eyes of oxygen. Yet another sad flip side to her life of fame.

Modern Coloured Contact Lenses

These days coloured contact lenses do not have to be bad for the eyes. They are still popular amongst TV and movie stars.

Contact Lenses these days can provide much more oxygen to the eye. They are even available as daily disposable contacts making wear even safer.

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You ever know, you might be the next Aussie Marilyn or Ronald Regan!

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