Children's Eye Checkups

Maximeyes are qualified children’s optometrists and are passionate about ensuring the eye health of your child. Beginning eye exams from a young age can help identify issues and start the process of monitoring or treatment early. Regular eye exams for children are an important part of their ongoing eye health.

All eye exams for children are bulk billed. Additionally, for families with more than one child, we also book children’s optometrist appointments in sequentially. This reduces the overall inconvenience for the parents.

When should you get your children's eyes tested?

For newborns we recommend that you book them in for their first optometry visit within 6 months of birth. Of course, if you notice something unusual or know of any genetic predispositions, bring your child in at the first opportunity, or at least call to discuss.

Although your paediatrician will have done some basic eye checks, the optometrist will do a complete eye examination. In the rare case where an issue is identified that requires monitoring or treatment, it is best to know this as early as possible. It is often worthwhile to combine the children’s optometrist visit with a brief examination of the parent’s eyes at the same time.

Other most important ages to arrange an eye exam for your child are;

  • Around the age of three. Most children are beginning to speak and understand simple instructions. It is important to have a comprehensive examination even if no issues have been found previously.
  • Before starting school. Any issues with the way the two eyes coordinate can have a devastating impact on reading and sporting skills. Positive improvement of eye coordination can be simple and fun and will have a long term impact on your child’s life.

Overall, we simply recommend annual examinations so that this becomes a lifelong habit, just like seeing the dentist. There are important eye health routines that need to be established for which regular children’s optometrist visits will assist.

Common eye problems for children

In recent years there has been a worldwide increase in a disease called Myopia or Myopia Progression. This is where the child’s eyes grow longer at an abnormal rate. This can lead to an increased rate of many sight threatening diseases later in life. It has recently been identified as a major future health issue by the World Health Organisation.

There are of course many other potential eyesight related issues that can affect a child’s development in both the short- and long-term. Early diagnosis is the best option.

We have been proudly treating myopic progression for over 20 years and can help you choose the best options available for your child.

Book your child in for an eye exam with us now.

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